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Hey everyone, so i decided to update.

I am in the Cobb cafe eating lunch on my lunch break and updating. I am near this guy at another table and it looks like this weird insect thing is crawling on his back and its relaly grossing me out and am starting to feel tickely all over, its really distburbing me but i can't go up to him. EWW at this moment i am scratching my head and leg, and FEET, im paranoid!! oh well, i don't see it anymore and its not on the floor.

So yeah, its been almost two full weeks of classes now and its getting harder and you really have to keep up there is no time for relaxing. I feel pretty good about the class though, we had out first midterm already in the 2nd week so its definitely faster.

EWW i see the bug again!! its so weird that it only stays on his back and not move to his arm or anywhere that he could see it. It must like him.

anyways, its 4th of july weekend and i don't think i will be able to come home. I have a lot of work and next week we have another midterm and its a lot. i don't know. But i hope thats its good, hopefully i will see firewors somewhere in chicago, even if i have to go alone! (but would prefer if mike came with me.) Also this month and next month chicago is doing this dance thing at grant park and thursday thru saturday nights they have live music and TONS of people come and its FREE and everyone is in huge grant park and they are all dancing, tons of different kinds of dances, but this Saturday night it is Salsa! I really want to go and i will go if i have to go alone again, haha.

Not much else going on, just chilling and reading, its been pretty good so far and pretty nice weather also. Its suppose to get a little cooler in the next few days which is good cause its been really hot lately. but i can't lie i do like the hot weather.

Well the guy left and the bug was still on him and even when he walked it stayed on and never dropped and also never went to the front of his shirt. funny.

thurdays always seem like fridays to me, i wish it was friday and i didn't have to go to class tomorrow. oh well. Its because our homework is due until next week so i really don't have that much homework for tomorrow except read if i need to do that but other wise i don't really have work to do and thus its like friday!

Alright well i guess im going to go, i will talk to you all later. have a great weekend,

PS i will try to get some pics of the apt. this weekend! yay!

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