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Well i am officially in my new apartment now, its pretty cool. It's really big and fun so far. I started classes yesterday and its definitely at a faster pace but i kind of like it because there is only one subject that i have to worry about. So far my days have been packed, i don't get done with classes and working out until close to 5 everyday so its like 9-5, but really not that much class. i have class from 9:30am -12:00pm with a half hour break and then i have an hour and a half break for lunch or reading. Then at 1:30 i go back and we either have discussion (which is like class) until 2:30 or we have lab from 1:30 to about 4:30 after that i go and work out and then back home to eat dinner, chill out, and homework. Not too bad so far, I just hope i can keep up and not fall behind. The good thing is that i have every wednesday off and the weekends of course so i have time to catch up or just chill and enjoy. I am volunteering at the hospital as well and i am starting that tomorrow.

Tomorrow also starts my salsa lessons back up which i am excited for because now i am in the intermediate classes. The good thing is that the classes will be going on all summer so i will finish both intermediate I and II by the end of the summer which means i can start "Advanced" Salsa at the beginning of the school year which is going to be really awesome! I can't wait!

I am mainly going to leave the weekends open for fun things to do and leave the weekdays closed for classes and homework. I think it should be a good balance. It's been fun so far because miguel works pretty much 9-5 as well so we see each other after work/class and its fun. I'm glad i am here for the summer.

Tomorrow i am suppose to get my bike which i am excited for because it's seriously a walk to get back to my apartment and if my bag is really heavy i walk slower...blah blah, all these things, but if i had my bike i wouldn't have to worry about buses or when they come or if i had time to walk back quickly; i would just get on my bike and speed back and pick of my things and speed back to campus! yay! my dad is suppose to come tomorrow and drop it off because he is coming to chicago anyways. YES!

Alright back to work and work out. talk to you all later. yac.
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