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Yeah its been a long time but today i felt that i should update. It's almost time for me to go back to school which is cool but i wish i was here a little longer to hang out with friends. Anyways i had a week off and i came home, its been a really good week and im glad that i got out and hung out with people. I really do have the most awesome friends. Ramsey and i hung out a couple nights, we went for walks, saw her awesome zine library at Rocketstar and just chilled and caught up. Mike was awesome and came to visit me, i was really happy. We ate Qdoba! its soo good, i really want to go there again before i go back ( i was going write "before i go home" which i edited but i thought it was weird that i first wrote home, i guess it is kind of home and now in the new apartment it will definitely feel like a home.ANYWAYS) So we went to see Batman Begins, which was a totally awesome super sweet movie. I think everyone should go at least twice! haha, not really, but it was pretty good. It was a lot of fun, we played cards and watch tv and got coffee and it was fun. I like how he will still humor me and play stupid games that he is probably thinking oh my this girl is weird but he still does it and ( i know he likes to play the games as well ;-) what comes to mind is the game "I spy" haha, childish i know, but when your waiting in line its a good game to help pass the time. yay! I hung out with everyone after merry got back which was a really great night. The beach is the best in the summer and especially with all friends!

Last night i went to Fran's and met all of her Western friends which was a really good time. I had a lot of fun and wish i could hang out with them more but unfortunately i am going back to take a class. but on the good side, i will me with friends there, my boyfriend (hehe), continue taking salsa classes, maybe play tennis, get in shape and workout a lot, and just have fun and enjoy chicago in the summer. I think mike and i will go to navy pier or maybe even six flags! that would be fun. Alright well i guess i should go, i am going with my mom to a bridal shower thing, have a great day everyone! miss you.
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