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Allllright, so i am finally updating in which seems like a forever, but I'm doing it. So much goes on but i never think to write and if i do i don't feel like writing only about one instant i like to write about how im feeling over all. The last few weeks i have been feeling up and down so i never wrote but i guess i will write now, just get it out so i can continue writing more frequently.

So a couple days ago i was feeling really good. I think it was Thursday. It seemed like everything was perfect, my relationship with my boyfriend, school, classes, my future, and just what was going through my head, everything seemed right, and i was happy. Right now, everything is "meh" i mean, maybe its because i have a ton of work and im kind of worried about my classes since finals are coming up, maybe its because i have been kind of emotional lately and making myself and my boyfriend frustrated, maybe its just because im tired and need more sleep, or i don't know. I think its a combination of all three, but either way im pretty happy now.

Tonight should be fun though, its sahils birthday and we are having a big party for him here in the dorms which is cool because that seems to never happen anymore, and it seems like a lot of people are going to be there. I remember last year and his party was so awesome we seriously talked about it the whole rest of the year, i don't know if this year it will be that good, but i mean it was a really good party last year and we will definitely try and make it fun. Leahs up for it also!!

Classes are okay, i feel like i am kind of slacking in them. i feel like i could do better in them , but its the end of the quarter and i can't really do better, i just need to focus these last weeks and really try to get everything in and study a ton so i will get decent grades. i don't know, i wish i didn't have to worry about them as much, damn med school. I wish this was an easier school as well. oh well, at least i know im learning.

Last night was my MAJN concert which is the a capella group that i am in. It was pretty good, i think we did pretty good there might have been one or two songs that we messed up on but overall it was pretty good. My parents came which was nice and my little brother and Mike, oh course. It was really nice cause i had to pick up a vegetable tray which he drove me to Jewel and then we came back a late since there was soo much traffic and the stupid jewel people forgot to do. (so much for calling ahead) and then he had to run home (through tons of traffic again) and take a shower and get ready and come back to see my concert at 6. I though it would be at least 5-10 minutes late because it seemed pretty impossibly that it would take him any less of time but somehow he did it, and showed up right at 6! it was really nice. Then we went to dinner with my parents at a really nice restaurant called "Shaw's Crab House" and had some great dinner and dessert, and then decided to meet up with mike's friend josh and his girlfriend at a movie. We saw "Be Cool" which was a movie that i really really wanted to see and i was really happy that it was the one that we could go to. It was a little disappointing it reminded me of a Disney Movie, but whatever, there were still some really funny parts. haha. i had a lot of fun, even if i got kinda bad afterwards, im sorry.

i don't know, i guess i don't really know what else to say, i will wait until i have more, maybe tomorrow to update about tonight and things. I need to finish some more work and then get ready so i guess i will talk to you later. see ya! yac.
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