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Hey everyone!
Wow its been awhile since i last updated. Actually i knew this whole time, but i just kept putting it off. I don't know. This weekend has been pretty good so far. This last week was pretty tough though. I had two midterms on the same day, i spanish presentation the day after and then bio homework due on friday. I didn't really get a break until after 5 on friday. I am always so amazed at the amount of work and stress that come so quickly and then just as fast as it came, it leaves. Right now i feel really good. I have done a lot of work friday and today so im not really stressed at all and tomorrow i don't really have any homework that i need to do for monday which is good. but i know i can't get too comfortable because finals are righ around the corner.

Last night mike and i saw Constantine, which was pretty good. It was a lot of religion but i guess that what you expect if the plot is about hell and heaven. i thought it was still pretty entertaining and enjoyed watching it. I perfect part for Keanu though, haha, he's so funny and serious with his parts. sometimes too serious that just have to laugh a little. haha.

I love the new Justin/snoop dogg song, "Signs"!! Everyone download it, its really good!!

Tonight is a phi del party and seems forever since i have been to one. it should be a good night, im excited because just about everyone is going to be there! haha. hopefully julie too, even though she never does. she said she was thinking about it, so im hoping!! crossing my fingerS!! haha. I like getting ready, and dancing the most about the party. Also i like phi del because its mike's frat and i know a lot of the guys so its fun.

I was able to see merry and dominic, and dave, and ryan, and a lot of people since they came to chi-town. it was really great see them. thanks.

yeah so i guess enough of this random stuff, i guess i should go. but i thought i would update. love you!
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