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Hey everyone, it's almost Friday!!
I am so happy that its Thursday, i only have one class and its at 10:30 and then i have to rest of the day to myself! i love it! but i have to get a lot of work done and some cleaning. Thursday is definitely my cleaning day since i have time, im excited to do laundry!! I love doing laundry especially when its all done drying and you take it out and smell its it smells soo good, like laundry!! i even put in extra dryer sheets so it smells even better, i love it. haha, im getting excited just thinking about it .

This weekend is going to rock more than others because we have a long weekend since monday is suicide prevention day, or as they call it now, "winter break" day. It's a day off to prevent suicides but they thought it sounded bad. meh, i don't care, i get a day off and no chem lab or spanish lector either! yay!

So i returned my apple computer, because i found out a couple of days ago they came out with a new powerbook. I decided i would return my computer since my 14 day return thing was not up yet and then i would go back and buy the new one. So i did, i returned it and got back all my money expect for a 10% restocking fee which wasn't that much, and get this, the new powerbook that i want is cheaper** than the one i bought before!! Yeah so im actually saving money by doing this!! i am excited so hopefully tomorrow i will be able to go get it, yay! im so excited!!

**(the powerbooks aren't actually cheaper but i had to upgrade my computer before to the amount i wanted and the new powerbooks already come with the amount that i want so i don't have to pay extra for an upgrade!)

Today is day 4 of our working out in the morning. Today was extra hard to get out of bed but we did it and im really glad that we did, i really hope we can keep going and become very fit!!

Alright well i guess i should go and start cleaning, and then im meeting my hot boyfriend for lunch, yay!! ttyl have a great rest-of-the-week everyone!
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