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Hey everyone!
Well its another week starting but for me it seems like a pretty good one that is coming up. I am done with midterms, for now, and i just have homework and labs to work on. i think it will be a generally good week ahead. yay!

I am excited because starting tomorrow miguel and i are going to start going to the gym in the mornings! RAMSEY its like you guys. Yeah so we have to wake up really early to go to the gym before our classes so we are going to have to wake up around 6 every morning, yeah its going to be tough but i think if both of us are doing it, it will be better and we will be able to be motivation for each other. yay! im really excited, by spring we are going to be soo fit! yay! i really wanted to start going back to the gym and now i have a good reason and since mike is doing it too i will be able to do it in the mornings and have a gym partner to go with as well. yay! i hope we stay on this new "diet/workout" and are able to become fit, yay! ramsey and daniel, you guys are my role model, if you guys can get up early and go, so can we!!

hmm, ,what else, i went home this weekend and it was fun. i really wanted to get away from school and relax at home since i haven't been there in what seems like awhile. Mike said that he would get work off on saturday so he could come home with me too! aww that was really nice of him. We came home and went out to eat with the fam, and then came back and played some card games that my dad, brother, and mike both like alot! haha its fun cause as a family(excluding emilie cause she's never around) play texas hold 'em as a family, haha some family activity, gambling. haha. we have chips and everything, its fun!

saturday we woke up and my mom made us waffles, then my dad took us snowmobiling, which mike has never done before and i did it only once i think when i was younger. it was a lot of fun, when we first got on i realized it was kinda like a jet ski and we both had to lean to one side or the other to stay balanced or it would tip. Not even 30 seconds, and we were making our first turn and *PLOP* over we went, haha it was weird cause it was almost like slow motion, we just started to fall. haha. and then we hung out and did some homework, and then we to qdoba to eat and then to meijer and then back home and watched some of a boxing match that was on tv with my dad. hehe. it was fun, and then we watched almost all of Scary Movie 3 which was kinda funny, i have actually never seen any of the "Scary Movies" so it was interesting, then i fell asleep on the couch and went to bed later, while mike started watching Hell Boy, hehe,

Sunday we woke up, ate some, and then left to go back cause he had to be at work at 1. It was a good weekend, and im glad that i went home, im glad that mike went with me, its always fun. now back to work, have a great week! miss you
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