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Well i got it, my little apple computer. Its so cute and small, i really like it. I can take it wherever i go and am able to get service anywhere on campus! Not saying that i am deglecting my other comupter but its more like a desktop now, i probably won't be taking it anywhere. I will just leave it in my room and always have it here.

It was so fun to go to the store and buy it and pick it up, miguel helped, and we took it home, except we couldn't wait to open it so we opened it in the car, just for a quick peek and then back it went. It was fun and then we both had our laptops together and we were both using them side-by-side hehe it was fun. yay, im excited that i got an apple, but im definitely am NOT converting, i still like windows a lot better.

What else, umm my parents came for the weekend, it was nice to see them again, they took mike and i out to dinner, it was fun. It was mostly a steak house but of course i got spaghetti alla marinara. haha mike got a steak and he said it was delicious! haha We were thinking about driving to michigan to go to this restaurant called Tosi's this weekend cause they have some really great food!! That would be so fun i think, i hope that things work out and we are able to go, yummmmm the spinach artichoke dip is the besst!!!!

I think i am coming down with something, which is not good cause i have a final on friday and i really need to do well. eek! im pretty worried but i just need to study a lot! hmmm, what else, i can't really think of anything, i guess i should get back to work. alrigh have a great day everyone, miss you!
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