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Hey Hey Hey,
yeah so i am updating and it has been quite a while. Hiiii, i hope everyone is doing well. I am, school is going pretty well so far, i am really trying to stay on top so i don't feel stressed but then i checked to see when our midterms are and i found out that i have one on monday, yuk! Anyways, yeah so things have been really good so far, i am busy but its good. Tomorrow i have a meeting with my health adviser to make sure everything is in line with my year and my classes and what i need to do still, i am excited cause i really don't know cause i don't really have an adviser right now, yay for tomorrow. Lets see, this weekend was pretty good, it consisted of study, and fun. Friday night i went to eat with mike , it was fun we went to connies and the food was really good. Saturday i went downtown for a little while and then came back and did some homework, that night there was a party and it was pretty fun. Sunday i woke up and went to church, thanks to mike for dropping me off, and then i came back and started doing some more homework. It was good, but then i went to a concert with adam, who is a friend here.

We went to see Straylight Run, which was good. It really reminded me of being young and in high school again, haha all those Taking Back Sunday concerts we use to go to, AND RAMSEY, remember how you thought it was the cutest one, especially when he was wearing his glasses, haha. Then i started to think about how we always would try and talk to them afterwards and katie gave them our cd and stuff haha we were so funny. OHH and also, i swear i saw Double J , i don't know if was him or not but it really looked like him, he was up in the balcony video taping the show, yeah and then it realllly made me think of high school and when ramsey had a crush on him and made him cds, haha awww, cd making was fun! yeah so it was fun, we only stayed for them because i wanted to get back kinda early so mike and i could go get pizza, again yes, haha. It was fun, its always fun with him.

Today was pretty good, monday, classes again and then mike and i went home to take a nap, yay for naps, they are the best, i feel really good right now.

yeah so hopefully if everything goes as planned i will get a new computer this weekend, an apple! hehe im excited, i don't know, i definitely am not changing over but its fun to get new things, and especially a new computer!! My parents are coming this weekend so hopefully thats when we will go and buy it. Alright well i guess i should go, i have a meeting soon, i will talk to you later, have a great night . miss you.
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