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hey guys!
Well i thought i would update just cause i want to. Its been kinda dreary out and i think that has affected my mood a little or just the fact that i am tired, either one but i feel kinda blah today. Hopefully tonight will be better because there is a free skate at the midway and hopefully (if the weather permits) mike and i will have a fun time holding on to each other while we try to make our way around the rink.

I say as the weather permits, because its almost 45 out and its an outside rink so im hoping that it won't all melt by tonight. my fingers are crossed.

What else, well school has been pretty good so far, i am really glad that i am taking three classes, its so much easier than 4. but i still have much to do to stay on top. i am really tired, i wish i could take a nap and not go to my chem lab. but oh well.

tomorrow is salsa night and i am really excited, last time was a lot of fun, and i think by the end of the quarter i will be a lot better! i can't wait! i think it would be so fun to go dancing and actually know what im doing. hehe.

umm, yeah, i don't know what else to say really, today is hump day which means only a couple more days until friday, yay! Well i guess im going to go i should start some more work, yay!!
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