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hey everyone,
Happy hump day! Well im back at school and so far so good. Classes seem pretty good and im excited to do well this quarter. i am really motivated and really want to do well. being pre-med is tough cause there are so many things you have to think about and there is so much competition as well. you can't just think about your classes even though its an important part, you also need to think outside and constantly i am asking myself "what else should/could i be doing." so far i am in quite a few clubs and volunteering at the hospital and hopefully start up with my singing group again this quarter. i hope i am able to keep with it, but i think i will cause i think i will only take three classes this quarter.

so whats new with me? well not much. break was pretty good i spent a lot of it with friends and family and it was good. i was happy to see pretty much everyone since i was home, even though i didn't see them that much, it was still good to see everyone and smile. break was good and was spent probably more with miguel. it was a lot of fun. he stayed for almost a whole week!! it was awesome. i decided to make a list of all the things that were highlights for me.

-sleeping in
-staying out late
-poker tournaments
-this conversation with a guy at putt putt
guy: there is a special today 80 tokens for $10
us: (look at each other) naw, thats okay we probably won't spend that much.
miguel: so im going to put in $5 how about you
erin : yeah i think $5 is good for me too
miguel: haha, well then why don't we just get the special
erin : haha , oh yeah!
-lying on the couch watching allll those movies, and cuddling
-making breakfast together!
-going ice skating!!
-going to circuit city
-going to the mall
-going to Tosi's and eating that awesome spinach artichoke dip! yumm
-WAFFLES (said like donkey in Shrek 1)
-watching nation treasure at m-89 where the theatre smelled gross.
-going to church
-going out to eat at the union for my birthday
-going to GUNS
-going to meijer to buy new toothbrushes and being excited to come home so we can brush our teeth
-new years eve!
-chinese buffet that made us kinda sick afterwards
-nerf guns!
-car washes!!
-lying in bed and just talking a lot of the night
-and finally, spending a whole week with you by my side and having fun.

it was a good break and now im back and things are still great. im a little skeptical but i hope that things stay as perfect as they are going now. seriously i don't think things could be any better the little things we do, the things we laugh at, the faces we make at eat other (chipmunk), the good times we have and the fun phone conversations we have like you calling me from work and asking me to take a survey but then whispering "hey, i just wanted to say hi, and i love you." aww its seriously so great.

we back to work i guess, i hope everyone has a good week. miss you.

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