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hey guys,
well tomorrow i am leaving, its more like in a couple hours cause we have to leave the house by 4am!! yeah i know so im going to sleep like a couple hours and then get up and go and then wait more at the airport :-( booo. but i mean i am going on vacation so i shouldn't complain. hopefully it will be a lot of fun,i checked the weather and its supposed to be scattered showers like more of the time that i am there which is disappointing but im hoping that its really "scattered" and not anywhere near where i am. hehe. i will be back on sunday night late, so i will talk to you all then. ohh and then on monday its my birthday! hehe im excited.

so goodbye to everyone for now, maybe they will have the internet so i can update but if not i will be back by sunday.

ohhh and i forgot to tell you all, i got a new cell phone and i thought i should tell you. so everyone get out their phones...i can wait...okay.. and then under erin click edit, or if you don't have it make a new contact number and here it is... 269-277-2052 so call me whenever, it won't work in the bahamas but you should definitely put it in! alright, talk to you all later. miss you all. (miss you mike! :-*)
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