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Wow, pfewww, im finallllly done! finals were tough, i had soo much to study. but now its over and i am happy to be alive. yay. well last night miguel and i had to study for bio and we went to him house to study which was fun. both of us reading and asking each other questions. it was fun. then woke up early and studied a little more until the final. after the final it was soo nice, i remember thinking when i had one more question left and about 40 minutes to go that i was sooo happy that once this is over i am done. yay. then we went to get something to drink and to relax a little and then we decided to go to los comales which is sooo good. yum, im definitely going to miss that place this break.

then we drove around and then he left me and i had to go pack :-( but hopefully i will see him this break. actually i know i am so it won't be that bad, :-)

then i packed and talked to karan and did some errands and then my mom came and we left. i was really tired but i managed to stay up and get home alright.

one night before miguel left we decided to go in the quads to go walk around cause the lights were up and its really nice there. miguel made the suggestion that we walk around the pound on these little stepping stones that lead to a stone bench. it was cute, i suggested that on the count of three we both jump from one step to the other. haha it was fun, and it was funny cause the people that say us probably thought we were crazy. haha, but it was fun, it was a good suggestion, i liked it alot. i like it when we do weird, sometimes stupid fun things together like that. its fun. yay.

i am getting a new phone tomorrow, hopefully. i want to get a cingular phone, i have talked to quite a few people and finally i found someone that has it and used it in michigan also and said that he does get pretty good service so i think i am definitely going to get it. yay!! im excited and i really hope that i can get it tomorrow.

being home feels a little weird, i don't know why but i do, but i am definitely glad that i can have a break for a little while.

Alright well i guess im going to go, i should go to sleep soon. have a good night, im sure i will some of you soon. byee.
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