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well its the end of break, and i don't really know what to say, im kinda in a really confused state but i think i will be okay once i get back to school. Its good to come home and its good to go back.

i met up with a lot of people and im really glad that i did.

lets see, yesterday i hung out and went to kalamazoo to look at phones and any other sales that were going on, but there was nothing that i wanted or needed really and the lines were all extremely long so i just came home. i was determined to get some work done and i did a little. then i got ready and went to see my friend matt that i haven't seen since last year some time. its really weird, we never talk during the year and then once a break comes like thanksgiving or christmas we always meet up and it seems like nothing has changed. its cool to have friends like that. so him and his girlfriend are going to new zealand, australia, and fiji for about 3 weeks. it sounds soo awesome, i bet it will be fun. there are kinda backpacking and renting cars and sightseeing it will be fun. then when they get back she is going abroad for the summer in africa and so is his brother so hes going to africa to help his brother (more like be with this girlfriend) hehe aww. but i guess they fight a lot and i don't know. haha. its funny. so we just talked and we went to kzoo cause he wanted to check out the price of huge backpacks for his trip and i wanted to get a graphing calculator since i have been using other peoples for this year so far.haha so then we came back and then i left to go home. i got ready and then out to katies house i went. there were sooo many people there from my class, and other people, it was seriously like a reunion. it was a lot of fun. it was a good party. i drank a little too much though, and i lost my phone :-(

yeah so today i woke up kinda later but i allowed it since i didn't sleep until 4am. yeah. so then i got up and for some reason i thought it was sunday and then realized that it was saturday and was totally happy. woke up and watched some tv, silence of the lambs, its such a great movie. then i decided to do some work and i did some reading for bio and some reading for music.

and with that this week is going to be hell for me. i have sooo much work and its all coming down to the last minute. i tried to get some done at home but it was kinda hard, i don't know all i know is that i have soo much work and i need to get it done soon. i will probably be in the library or studying everyday this week until finals. ahhh.. but i need to and then it will be okay cause i have 3 weeks of break so not study, haha. yeah

so in all break was pretty good. i got to see a lot of people, and hang out and watch movies, but some parts were as good, uncertainty and confusion, and not doing work. SORRY MERRY FOR NOT COMING OVER, I WILL DEFINITELY ONCE WINTER BREAK STARTS!! PROMISE!! I LOVE YOU!

yeah so im pretty tired and i think im going to bed. so good night and wish me luck with school.
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