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Well its thanksgiving again, another year has gone by.
I am really glad that i came home for thanksgiving, there really is "no place like home, for the holidays" i really enjoy being home and seeing my mom and sister again. we just finished eating with my uncle and aunt and it was a lot of fun. it was good to see them again and it was good to eat a lot! haha, my mom made some great food, and i ate all of it! haha not really, but i definitely ate a lot cause it was sooo good. i love thanksgiving because of that. haha.

Last night i really didn't do anything, i just want to stay home and relax and sleep cause i was really tired, its kinda sad cause a lot of my friends were going out and hanging out and having fun but i was lame and stayed home. mostly just because i wanted to see my mom, and just stay at home since i haven't been home in a while, and i didn't really want my mom to have to worry about me going out cause it snowed a lot. i knew that i would have time to hang out with everyone one later in the week. so i laid in bed and played games, and watched tv, and talked to mike, it was fun.

this morning i woke up, kinda early, and looked at all the ads in the paper, i can't decide whether i want to go shopping tomorrow early or not... hmm, its hard because there is nothing that i really want, it would be mostly buying for others, but i don't know if its worth waking up at 5 and staying in line for hours just to save a little money, hmm.. not sure yet.

my mom and sister are going to go see national treasure today at k10. im excited to see a movie, and i really want to see this one for some reason even though i heard that it received some bad ratings. meh, i don't care.

i am soo happy it snowed, it looks soo pretty here, i am really mad that i left my camera at home. i remember asking myself, "should i bring it home, or not?" and i decided not, but now i wish i would have.

i miss mike already. haha. i wish he was here, it would be a lot of fun. we could hang out and watch movies on the new tv screen/movie room that we have, we could go sledding with my friends, we could have a snowball fight,(and i would kick his ass!) haha or make a giant snowman. i like the snow. i like mike. :-)

yeah so right now im doing some work, and its hard to stay motivated but i think i can, i have to, there are only 2 more weeks until finals!! ekk! alright so with that i guess i will go back to my work, i will tell you about the movie after i see it. ttyl. and see you later. byeee
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