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in communist china, big brother watch you

Mr. Hu Jintao? If, as you claim, you are truly committed to "democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality" among your citizens--your own words--then you know what you must do.


LJ is blocked in China, but freedom finds a way. I hope your people find that way too, Mr. Hu. My people certainly have.

(A less concise summary.)

the journalist becomes the journalled

This just in! Early this month, an undercover producer for NBC's Dateline tried to sneak a hidden camera into DEF CON 15, this year's iteration of America's most infamous hacker convention. DEF CON staff claim she was trying to trick hackers into admitting to computer crimes. Alas, good foxes guard their dens well. She was outed. Harshly.

As to be expected, the response from hackers--both at the conference and around the blogosphere--has been savage. Poetically just, considering the tone and content of Dateline's recent material. But brutal nonetheless. What's the only thing more ominous than seven thousand hackers? A six thousand hacker lynch mob. Poor girl won't be able to check her email for months. Or at all.

No one knows it happened, of course. After all, more people watch Dateline than read slashdot.