Tags: milestones


so i was at this karaoke/trivia thing with liz and jon

and I met this nice girl, a tiny brunette who's only been in the city a week and writes nonfiction and just got back from teaching English in South Korea, and we started talking, and she got all excited and hung around me a lot and leaned in real close to me when we sang Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" together, and Jon, bless his heart, pulled me aside and said, "Kevin, there's two things you need to do tonight: 1. You have to get that girl's number. 2. You have to call her."

Somehow I managed to pull off #1. I'm doing #2 tomorrow.

I am now a level 2 rogue.

HOLY SHIT WHAT I never omg whoa.

:D :D :D