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"video is not a crime"

From Andy B. via facebook: The people's republic of China brings you this perfectly harmless children's song!

Truly, a majestic and noble beast.

In a disappointing bit of hypocrisy, the New York Times article about this video celebrates the spirit of anti-authoritarian subversion in which it was created, yet never translates the pun because it is "unprintable." New York Times, grow some balls. You're supposed to be our newspaper of record and a bastion of free speech. If a bunch of dudes in China can make a dirty joke at the Communist Party's expense under fear of indefinite carceration or death, certainly you can find the courage to flout U.S. obscenity law just once. Even doing it via euphemism would be acceptable.

There's also an animated folk hip-hop version:

For Chinese speakers, no further exposition should be necessary, but I bet you non-speakers are real curious now. So...explanation under the cut.

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If I am working on stuff for you, worry not--I am still working on it. Hint.


There's this secret meme thing that's been doing the rounds lately--a variant of the "Thirty Questions" meme in which you keep the questions a secret from anyone who isn't doing the meme. Human curiosity and a need for inclusiveness are what allows this meme to propagate; most people are willing to participate in exchange for being told what the questions are. It's like one of those little inside jokes that schoolchildren love to keep amongst themselves--a whispered phrase, a certain hand signal, and all your bestest bestest friends (and only your bestest bestest friends) erupt in a little tide of giggles, confusing the hell out of everyone else. So basically, if you volunteer to participate for the meme, you're part of a super secret cabal of LJ friends who are in on the joke, no mommies or nose-pickers allowed, and if you don't, you get to see your entire friendslist whisper behind your back--sometimes even mentioning your name. It's the most insidious meme-propagation technique I've seen in a long, long time.

I could just post a comment in any of my friends' journals and ask what the questions are. Or, I could put one semester of Defense Against the Dark Arts to work and have a lot more fun extrapolating the questions from the answers.

Guess which one I did.

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I will never be one of the cool kids. Never.

* The course was officially called "CSCI 343: Information Security"--but no CS major ever called it that.
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