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hardcore games for girls

I started this as a tweet before I realized that 140 characters is not enough.

I've been thinking a lot about the recent emergence of a female geek culture in the West. I don't mean women in the traditionally male-dominated mainstream of geek culture, from the occasional female amateur radio operator at the culture's beginnings to the all-female Modern Warfare 2 clans of today. I'm referring to the female-dominated offshoot that diverged from it in the '90s and has been steadily growing since, the world of ohnotheydidnt and slash fanfiction and shipping and visual kei fandom.

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8-bit tankbusters!!

Brief flash-forward to New York before I continue writing about Cupertino.

Last month, when by amazing dumb luck I met Tob, the guy who did NitroTracker and the DS MIDI Interface, he told me about a little chiptune concert series in the city that he was planning to stop by the next day before he returned to Germany. "It's called Pulsewave," he explained. "I am interested to see what you Americans are doing with chiptune music. I hear you guys have done amazing things using Game Boy and Game Boy Advance sound chips as instruments."

"Sounds cool," I said. "Where is it?"

He scratched his head a bit. "It's not a large venue, very small, I hear," he said. "A little theater off a side alley in Times Square called the Tank..."


You're shitting me. That Tank? The little off-Broadway theater where my Oberlin friends Josh Luxenbourg and Jon Levin do Puppet Playlist, where I've heard Jon Good and Anna and all the others perform? Goodness. The bigger this city gets, the smaller this city gets.

Alas, I couldn't make it that Saturday due to prior commitments. But when I heard there was going to be another one last night, I couldn't pass up the chance.
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