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next level beats from south africa

Some background. I am aware that these guys aren't actually Afrikaner zef (the cultural equivalent in America is what we call "white trash") and that the entire act is South African hipster performance art. Who cares. It's a brilliant piece of performance art, with far more to say than "haute couture is awesome" (Lady Gaga) or "people are too uptight" (all of Sacha Baron Cohen's personas).

On a related note, fellow Americans, our worldview is way too small. I reiterate my position that races are nothing more than arbitrarily drawn lines in the sand.

riding down the lane, snuffing tobacco-weed, sipping on juniper and turpentine

O, have I maidens in the sitting room,
Be getting on, for they depart not 'fore
The cock is risen, six at morn, so what
Or whom be done? Confound thine chamberpot,
or chambers thine. My fob-sack brims with skins
Of noblest lamb; my knaves garment their knobs
With prophylactic raiments similar!
So extinguish the torches, gates be shut
As well. But what? What, ho? The love with which
We plow our seed be not thine truest love,
but that which be for garden implements.
So light thine pipes, dear sirs, with tinctures green,
Knave up, dames down; lend ears, and bounce to this!

a profound critique of capitalism in the vein of herbert marcuse

...no, not really, I'm just fucking with you.

Incidentally, there is no official music video for this song, but this one should be it. 1990s Pizza Hut and Taco Bell commercials, other YouTube users, and TMNT! Culture jam. I'm reminded a lot of the Evolution Control Committee's Breakfast series.

(edit) omg they have a sequel it is called chicken and meat. I was skeptical when critics said "Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell" was a scathing, mocking critique of hip-hop consumerism cleverly disguised as mindless repetitive bullshit, but this new song leaves little doubt that these guys do know what they're talking about. And oh, hey, it's the F train.
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they shoot bunnies, don't they

I am in a silly mood. Have some youtubes (some of them from dwh, some from b3ta).

Watchmen meets Wall-E. Sounds like the worst idea ever, but it actually works quite well.

Thundercats: the Movie! Not something I would go see if it were real, but the editing is impressive. Cut and edited from 27 different films!

On the subject of crossover: RAM BUS!!! If you don't understand what this is about, you were either born after 1988 or haven't watched enough porn.

Cat Shit One: Japan makes the 1979 Iran hostage crisis adorable.

I have watched this like four times now and I still squee. Cute, flopsy bunnies are not supposed to be this badass!

(12:08:52 AM) dwh: See, I keep thinking, "eeeee, BUNNIES" every time I see it.
(12:08:57 AM) dwh: And then they shoot them.

Oh, Wales...

...and, to close, this is exactly what Japanese television is like.

100 Hamburgers! from Invisible Engine on Vimeo.

I was also going to post a couple pages of pseudo-academic bullshit about the effect of narrative context, directorial male gaze, and cinematographic juxtaposition on Cameron Diaz's ass, but I probably have better things to do.

ultimate touhou adhd hour!!

Dawn to dawn to dawn to dawn to. Check it gee check it gee check it gee check it gee. Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Hourai Hourai Hourai Hourai France Holland Tibet Kyoto London Russia ORLEAAANS.

Oh overdri-ive. Oh overdri-ive. Udongein. Udongein!

Baka, baka. Baka, baka!

Chiru Miru! Chiru Miru kyouma genki, Chiru Miru!


okay i need to stop spending so much time on youtube.
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thought-terminating cliche

Remember, kids! Be open-minded, but not so open-minded your brains fall out!

Random shit:


spaghetti cat cat cat cat

I think I have found the stupidest video on YouTube. But first, some context.

Are you familiar with the talk show The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet? Or the almost as awful comedy program The Soup? If so, you owe yourself an ass-punching, because you have way better things to do than watch shitty daytime TV.

For those of us who actually have lives, though, here's some context:

More context, if you're curious.

As a daytime TV meme, Spaghetti Cat never deserved to be more than an inside joke for bored laundromat clerks and insomniac divorcees--a brief flicker in the world's collective consciousness, briefly preserved as an impossible TV game show question, and then forgotten as quickly as it was remembered. But no. Comedian Perry Gripp just had to take that meme and immortalize it in what just might be the worst music video ever. And that video is...the stupidest video on YouTube.


Perry Gripp is also known for the less annoying meta-YouTube video Young Girl Talking About Herself, which describes YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace to a T. The bridge occasionally gets stuck in my head, making me feel sixteen.

gaming the metagame: gaming the metagame: gaming the metagame:

Computer games. Psh. Who has time to play computer games anymore. Let's play computer games about computer games.

First off: Achievement Unlocked! This flash game is a scathing critique of the X-Box Live achievements system that is all the rage these days, and the funniest game design satire since You Have To Burn The Rope. If you find yourself asking, "Wait, how do I play?" or "What am I supposed to do?" you're entirely missing the point.

Second: Rara Racer! If you have ever looked up a game on GameFAQs before playing it, watched Let's Play videos on youtube, read the TigSource forums, or consider "gamer" to be a badge of pride, you owe it to yourself to play this. (Sneheheheh.)