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hey clayderman! what part of "adagio" don't you understand?

Okay. Okay, I just had to. I couldn't resist.

Now. I'm admittedly a n00b at this. And yet. Oh my.

The tempo. The 8-bit synth-drums. The painful, ivory-banging loudness. The complete absence of subtlety.

This interpretation makes me physically ill.

Dear God. Now I know why I couldn't stand this song as a kid.

For an example of the Sonata done right, here's Wilhelm Kempff's version. Note how much Kempff's interpretation gains from subtlety. Less is more.

wikipedia in ancient Chinese

Seriously. (Thanks, Denise.)

This might be wickedly hilarious to the two or three people on this friendslist who can actually read it, but to the rest of us--myself included--it is merely an amusing curiosity. Needless to say, it is extremely concise.

May come in handy if you ever find an enchanted block of ice with a still-living Tang Dynasty scholar cryo-frozen inside.