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they come from outer space

Almost a year in space.


More than a year in space.


I wonder if these folk experience reverse culture shock after coming home? I imagine that after being up there so long, Earth starts to feel a little foreign. Little things, maybe--like finding a nest of bees in your back yard, and being surprised that you can't just float up and reach it. Or waking up to the rush of cars and the rustling of leaves, instead of the constant hum of machinery.

There's got to be a story in here somewhere--and I'd be very surprised if someone hasn't already written it.

Also...*whistles Luke's theme from A New Hope*

there's got to be a musical in here somewhere

Astronaut arrested for attempted kidnap of love triangle rival. Poor lady. I could be all like HURRR CRAZY SPACE PEOPLE RAR RAR RAR but everything I've read about her suggests that she isn't crazy--just desperate. It's like some contrived postmodern literary novel, only not contrived at all because it actually happened. (Ha ha, fuck you, literati.)

Astronauts are people too.
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