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on the continuing quarter-life crisis

Warning: This video made me want to die.

Bear in mind it was made by someone who's 31, and terrified of being there, not someone who's been there personally.

Every twentysomething's greatest fear: that, like our parents, we will squander and compromise away our dreams and spend the rest of our lives trying to convince ourselves that family or comfort or wisdom is an adequate substitute for hope. That looking back on our naivete can somehow make up for never making it in the first place.

Every thirtysomething's greatest fear: that's it's already happened.

if a governor falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear him

Can you still hear him cry?


So yesterday my housemate was watching CNN, and the current news segment was on Mark Sanford, the current governor of South Carolina, who had apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. Seven days ago he told his staffers he was going on a hiking trip in the Appalachians, and he had never been heard from since. His security detail contacted his wife and were alarmed to discover that she had heard nothing about a hiking trip and had no clue where he was. An epic statewide manhunt for him ensued, with police scouring every inch of the wilderness for their missing state chief. The case became increasingly bizarre as they uncovered more details: He had rented a car in Houston, half a continent away. He wasn't much of a hiker. He had been developing a recent history of bizarre disappearances and he had cut off all his phones. There was a flurry of activity across the state legislature (and across the news media) when he suddenly and unexpectedly contacted his office yesterday afternoon, expressing surprise that staff were so worked up about his disappearance, and announcing that he would be coming back to work the next day. He gave no details and no reason for his absence.

This afternoon, Governor Sanford flew back to South Carolina from Argentina, where he had been all this time, and held a press conference. He began (to the chagrin and furious dismay of his staff and the press, who understandably wanted to know where the hell he had been) by speaking about his faith in God and his belief in moral absolutism and dealing with the consequences of one's actions. He made no effort to exonerate himself for what he did, or soften the blow--struggling to maintain any semblance of political professionalism, he rambled about guilt and selfishness and betrayal to the point of testing the press's impatience. He then revealed he had had been having an affair with a close friend he had met in Argentina eight years ago. He hadn't flown down there for the affair, though. Oh no. He had flown down there to figure out how to end it. Early reports say he spent most of those seven days in the mountains, soul-searching. Alone. And now here he was, voluntarily standing before the wrath of the cameras and the outrage of the American people, admitting his guilt. Alone.

He continued to verbally flagellate himself for the next fifteen minutes of the press conference, concurring with and apologizing for even the most hyperbolic accusations of neglect, and concluded by resigning his governorship.

Sanford had been a strong contender for the Republican candidacy for president in 2012.

You can't make this stuff up.


touche, onstad

"She was busted goods from the get-go, same as everyone, but I got this thing in me where I wanna step up, you know. Be the big savior. Bad habit.

Turns out people ain't things you can fix. A broken lover's like a fat guy in a suit--he's a hoot at the bar, but back at the hotel room, it ain't nothin' but mind games."

- Lyle, Achewood
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leeks and ice cream

Someone got the "Kaito" (Japanese male) and "Miku Hatsune" (Japanese female) Vocaloids and programmed them to sing the theme to Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni together. Cutest anthropomorphized text-to-speech couple ever!

(Translated version with big distracting subtitles. Not like you'd be able to understand what they were singing even if you know Japanese.)

Now all the world needs is a Broadway musical tragedy featuring American hospital orderlies Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Anna. If it's good enough, we can get blind people to cry whenever they use Windows. ^_^

couples ddr

Yes, I know, this video is ancient. But it's so cute that I just had to share.

The song is "Synchronized Love."
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epic marriage proposals on teh intarwubz

Now that I have thoroughly asserted my masculinity, I will bring it into question again!

Webcartoonists of the world, unite!

Nerrrrrrds. (Some the comments for this one are hilarious, especially after #100 or so.)

i has a mate

Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrds! (Note: this script actually runs.)

Not really thinking about marriage right now, but seeing the scraggly teenagers behind major Internet communities grow up, mate, nest, and spawn offspring is a little frightening. So much for the whole forty-and-living-in-your-parents'-basement stereotype.