Kevin (erf_) wrote,

wait, uncrop. that reflection on the window. zoom. enhance. rotate by 270.

Dear television writers: I know that most of you are from the early 1970s, are not physics or computer imaging experts, and are writing on tourniquet-tight deadlines. But for the love of all that is spiffy how did you get away with this for so long--with teams of tech-savvy camera people, digital editors, lighting folk making it for you, not to mention Wikipedia at your fingertips--for this to become a trope:

CSI is by far the worst offender on contemporary TV for this trope, but it is by no means the first. At least Blade Runner was science fiction:

In an era in which Windows Movie Maker and iMovie ship with most new computers, are audiences really still so naive about image manipulation that they can continue to suspend their disbelief about this bullshit?
Tags: art, computers, movies, television
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