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in which a juvenile delinquent becomes a hero

High school peeps: Does it surprise anyone that Victor Lin became a U.S. Marine?

Dude, the clown-with-a-heart-of-gold personality, the mischeviousness, the love of approval, the parkour, the Counter-Strike obsession, the weird stunts during P.E.--Vic was virtually born for the job. (The shooting people part aside.) The international upbringing apparently is no longer an issue--I mean, he has a huge tattoo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima across his back; there's no doubting that he has embraced his new American heritage.

I just at Facebook pictures of his 2008 tour of duty in Iraq, and he makes war look almost fun.

Unlike, you know, this.

(Yes, that is authentic Iraq War footage.)

God bless you, Vic. I may not support the politics behind the war, but as a friend, an NEHSer, and a New Yorker I support the risks you've taken and the sacrifices you've made to make sure the terrorists stay on the other side of the pond. All the teachers, administrators, and Experimental Department disciplinarians who thought you would never amount to anything can suck my dick.
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