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good news, bad news

Good news: Hurrah! Super Typhoon Parma has miraculously done a 180 degree about-face and is now moving away from both Taiwan and the Philippines, where it will dissipate harmlessly in the Pacific. Also, Typhoon Melor, which looked like it was going to hit Taiwan head-on, is curving east away from the coastline. Local news has returned to its regularly scheduled reporting on the size of the steaks visiting NBA players will be eating. (But not, curiously, the names of the players that are coming or what teams they play for.) I guess God figured we've finally had enough?

(Update: Oh. So this is what's going on with the NBA thing. Wow, the hype for this game is absurd.)

Bad news: Damage from heavy rainfall outside the typhoon's rim has been pretty bad. Not as bad as the Philippines, but still pretty awful. And Melor's going to run right smack into Japan. :(

Also, that whole thing about the Taliban bombing that U.N. World Food Program office in Pakistan has me pissed off. Not like I had any sympathy for the Taliban to begin with, but seriously, guys. The World Food Program. That's, like, one step short of raping orphans in the name of Islam. How desperate and blinded by ideology do you have to be to believe that God finds such behavior even remotely acceptable?

Bad news about the Good News: The Conservative Bible Project. Because, clearly, if you're a Christian values-centered activist and the Bible and your politics disagree, it's the Bible that has to be changed. (Bear in mind that, despite their protests to the contrary, the original Greek and Hebrew texts do not support their revisions.)

More in-depth Taiwan update job-searchin' to do.

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Women: Get your U.S. green card now!
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