Kevin (erf_) wrote,

like the navidson record, but less leafy

The Hallway from The Hallway on Vimeo.

This is my new favorite installation piece.

In an also somewhat Danielewski-esque vein, go check out the trailer for After Last Season, if you haven't already. It is striking in its absence of all the things we look to enjoy in a film--it defies interpretation because there's nothing to interpret. The props are made of cardboard, the dialogue is mundane, the plot is nonsensical. Everything, from the setting to the composition to the characterization, is painstakingly crafted to be as generic as possible. It's as if the entire film was stitched together from the cutting room floor of a film that actually made sense. Jason Coffman of Film is one of the few people who actually went to see the film, and he has posted a very cerebral review of what he thinks is going on. Personally, I think Coffman gives the filmmakers too much credit--I think they merely strove to produce a film that literally no one could enjoy, an irony-defying anti-spectacle that would bore and confound even the most easily amused of potheads. Which, perversely, makes the entire concept of this film pretty entertaining. It's like an elaborate practical joke played on an imaginary audience.

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