Kevin (erf_) wrote,

spaghetti cat cat cat cat

I think I have found the stupidest video on YouTube. But first, some context.

Are you familiar with the talk show The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet? Or the almost as awful comedy program The Soup? If so, you owe yourself an ass-punching, because you have way better things to do than watch shitty daytime TV.

For those of us who actually have lives, though, here's some context:

More context, if you're curious.

As a daytime TV meme, Spaghetti Cat never deserved to be more than an inside joke for bored laundromat clerks and insomniac divorcees--a brief flicker in the world's collective consciousness, briefly preserved as an impossible TV game show question, and then forgotten as quickly as it was remembered. But no. Comedian Perry Gripp just had to take that meme and immortalize it in what just might be the worst music video ever. And that video is...the stupidest video on YouTube.


Perry Gripp is also known for the less annoying meta-YouTube video Young Girl Talking About Herself, which describes YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace to a T. The bridge occasionally gets stuck in my head, making me feel sixteen.
Tags: crap, internet people, wtf

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