Kevin (erf_) wrote,

gaming the metagame: gaming the metagame: gaming the metagame:

Computer games. Psh. Who has time to play computer games anymore. Let's play computer games about computer games.

First off: Achievement Unlocked! This flash game is a scathing critique of the X-Box Live achievements system that is all the rage these days, and the funniest game design satire since You Have To Burn The Rope. If you find yourself asking, "Wait, how do I play?" or "What am I supposed to do?" you're entirely missing the point.

Second: Rara Racer! If you have ever looked up a game on GameFAQs before playing it, watched Let's Play videos on youtube, read the TigSource forums, or consider "gamer" to be a badge of pride, you owe it to yourself to play this. (Sneheheheh.)
Tags: crap, games, postmodernism

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