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Today I went to an awesome place. I am not sober enough to write about it right now. So:

(part 2 here)

This isn't going to mean anything to those of you who haven't been following Japanese internet memes (or at least watching my last few youtube posts), but if you have, this just might blow your mind.

Listen to the music. Does it sound familiar? Yep--it's the song from the super-condensed Nico Nico Douga million meme video! Performed by an ELEVENTY BILLION PIECE AMATEUR ORCHESTRA. In a REAL CONCERT HALL.

They are all wearing masks worn by users in popular Nico Nico videos--so they're Internet users pretending to be other Internet users pretending to be cartoon characters. Musicians playing a earnest cover of a silly mashup of ironic remixes of songs from Japanese pop culture--recorded as a Niconico video that will itself become a meme. It's a tribute to a tribute to a tribute to a tribute. If the meta got any more nested, the universe would segfault.

This might be the ragtaggest ragtag bunch of musicians history has ever brought together (did they even know each other before this project? this is almost a flashmob), so it's clear they haven't rehearsed enough to bring this piece to perfection. But the energy of the composition and the vitality of the performance is astounding. I never thought the song from the "Yatta!" dance would bring a tear to my eye, but here I am...

On an unrelated note, today I saw a biker riding a motorcycle shaped like a coffin. It was tacky, but appropriate.
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