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hey kids

Guess what time it is?'s What The Fuck Hour!! With your

First order of business: an adorable video about chicken sexing.

Speaking of cuteness: In 1904, Japan and Russia went to war over disputed claims over Korea and Manchuria. In an upset that stunned the Western world and redrew the map of East Asia, the seemingly quaint, remote Japanese trounced the politically and technologically superior Russians in a string of land and naval victories, establishing Japan as a major world power. Japan's success in that conflict would pave the way for half a century of bloody Japanese imperialism, a reign of terror that would end only with the Second World War. Almost exactly one hundred years later, Japan commemorates the event with nauseatingly, bucket-vomitingly kawaii cultural appropriation:

Incomprehensibly, that song was written for an anime that has absolutely nothing to do with Russia.

Of course, it wasn't long before the smartasses at Nico Nico Douga got a hold of the song and made a spoof video called Yaranaika Balalaika. If you aren't familiar with the Yaranaika meme, don't bother clicking on the link--you won't get the joke. In case your curiosity must be sated, I'll give it to you outright: It's about teh gay. Teh gay buttsecks. And, because this is Japan, it sparked a gay buttsecks flashmob dance craze.

(What is it with hot Japanese dancing girls and Yaranaika Dude masks? Seriously.)

Speaking of teh gay, can you guess why this LGBT Swedish drag act is ultra-popular in Japan:

Answer: everything. This video couldn't be more Japanese if they had made it themselves. I mean...they very nearly did.

(Also, some ostensibly hilarious mondegreen subtitling that I'd have to actually know Japanese to understand.)

I understand if you didn't have the patience to actually watch any of those. It's been a while since I have done a youtube post, and I've been looking at a lot of Japanese internet memes since here's all of them at once.

Warning: epic mindfuckery. This is a serious YouTube overdose. You will be watching hundreds of videos in the course of ten minutes. You have been warned. MY HEAD. MY FUCKING HEAD.

Why am I so manic today? Two things: a) tomorrow is Veterans Day, so no work, and b) I am listening to the The World Ends With You + Subarashiki Kono Sekai Arrange OST, which is probably the most dancable video game remix soundtrack ever. The game absolutely deserves an entry of its own--I have one half finished sitting on my desktop right now.

TIME. I won't ever give in
No matter how hard you pull me in
I know gravity ain't an excuse
I just want to make things a little more smooth
The majority is still asleep
They're tired of those dreadful dreams
Now, let me shout and fuck you up
Let me fuck you up!!
*endless rocking out*
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