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food inspection fail

Quick lunch break post: Unbeknownst to many, the New York City food safety inspection database is a matter of public record, and is available at the aforelinked website. The New Yawkers among you may find it useful for avoiding food poisoning.

Searching for my home and work zip codes yield some surprising results. McDonalds' and White Castle, consistently yield perfect marks (to be fair, the franchises I usually go to are impeccably clean), but trendy bars and fusion cuisine places are often just a couple points short of a court order. Often places are scored more harshly than they deserve because of stupid things, like a cockroach scuttling in or some employee forgetting to wash the dishes that day, but when your favorite Chinese bakery repeatedly scores double or triple the 26-point limit for things like "expired dairy food items", "toxic chemical improperly labeled," and "sewage disposal system in disrepair", it's time to start eating somewhere else.

(Not that you'll have much of a choice--places with 70+ point scores get shut down. PWNED BY HEALTH DEPARTMENT)
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