Kevin (erf_) wrote,

astonishing moments in competitive fighting game history

In celebration of the announcement of Street Fighter IV, I am posting ridiculous fighting game tournament videos. 99.9(+0.1?)% of you are not going to understand these, but I don't care. You have your sports and I have mine.

Though actually some of these are so insane that if you have ever done as much as touched a Street Fighter or KOF cabinet before, you'd get how ludicrous they were.

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - EVO 2004 - Daigo (Ken) vs. Justin (Chun-Li): Most epic parry ever!

King of Fighters '98 - Raian (Kensou) vs. (unknown) (Ralf): Kensou's useless SDM wins amazing top level match.

King of Fighters '98 - Tougeki Super Battle Opera Taiwan Regional Qualifiers - Lao Zhan (Kyo/Brian Battler/Goro) vs. Yang (Iori/Yashiro/Goro): My former countrymen are such combo whores.

King of Fighters '98 - (unknown) (Kensou/Joe/Robert) vs. (unknown) (Ryo/Orochi Chris/Heavy D!) - An unbelievable comeback ends a brilliant tactical game. (Brownie points for a marvelous performance with a particularly shitty character!)

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Edgar vs. Fernando: Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

If you post a Smash Bros./Melee video in the comments I will delete it. I don't care how deep and technical the glitches are or how much money you won in your last tournament. Go put those skills to use in a real fighting game.
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