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k. f. chen is... APARTMENT HUNTER

Things learned from apartment research, take two:

  • If you plot where all my fellow Obies are living in Brooklyn...the dots arrow! And that arrow...points to the migration...of the PRECURSORS.

    Okay, not really. But they don't form as tight a community as you'd imagine. It's more like someone with a reasonably steady arm threw darts at a subway map. While drunk.

  • You can't segregate by race, religion, or age on Craiglist, but you sure as hell can discriminate by gender. And not just "female preferred", but FEMALE ONLY in all caps, repeated multiple times in the same sentence. It's not nearly as bad as San Francisco where every other listing is SEEKING 20s FEMALE ROOMMATE NO BOYS ALLOWED, but man, it's like no one trusts a Y chromosome anymore. While it's not really a big problem, it is equally amusing and disconcerting that a professional woman in her late twenties can basically knock on a random door and get a room, whereas a dude has to set out and look. It's still relatively painless even for a guy, though. And omgbbq, it is so, so much easier if you already know the city a little bit. Intel from my past expeditions into Deep Brooklyn are saving me a ton of time and trouble.

  • There are giant blind spots in the west Brooklyn subway subnet where you cannot reach lower Manhattan without either a complicated system of transfers or a longass walk. Predictably, these blind spots most frequently occur in minority neighborhoods, where the Man has got them down, or really rich areas where everyone drives to work. They get wider as you move away from Lower Manhattan, presumably because no sane person who lives near Coney Island would want a one hour commute to Wall Street.

  • Though Williamsburg is Hipster Central, the majority of ads posted there are surprisingly not for hipsters, but for Serious Professionals who are Seriously Serious and Seriously Do Not Like To Party. Why they live in a neighborhood where people blast music from their windows at 12 AM on weeknights is beyond me. Though the dry tone might just be their way of culling party animals and weeding out stoners.

  • Everyone who is renting out a room in east Brooklyn is in their late twenties and very very lonely. I would be lonely too, if I was living so far away from everything. Oh wait. :b

  • It's so much easier to look for housing when you can afford to be picky. None of that OH GOD I NEED SOMEWHERE TO LIVE RIGHT NOW mentality that got me into this dumpy place to begin with.

  • Shortest posting ever.
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