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street fighter 2007: midlife crisis

I've been deliberately avoiding Street Fighter: The Later Years for two reasons: a) the Facebook ads are extremely obnoxious, and b) anything by CollegeHumor, or anything from Connected Ventures for that matter, seriously sketches me out. (Way to misrepresent our generation, you self-obsessed, oversexed, hedonistic neo-yuppie whores!) But this series is actually pretty funny. It's like Heroes meets Street Fighter II meets (ARGH SMASH KILL) wannabe geek chic, with some really impressive production values. Arguably the only not-horrible thing America has ever done with the franchise--or will be until Capcom guard crushes their fair use license with Lawsuit Uppercut. Worth watching if you spent your childhood hadokening your friends all over the playground.

Love the sad version of Guile's theme in Part 5.
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