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So Peter finally roped me into playing Hunter with a bunch of other NYC Obie alums. Normally I would never get into a White Wolf game; the focus on role-playing is commendable, but their approach almost invariably encourages lame fanfictiony make-believe storytelling and stat-driven pull-shit-out-of-the-air political maneuvering over character-driven improv drama and fun, adventure-game-like problem solving. But Hunter differs in that you play human beings who are just half a step beyond ordinary, trying to find their way in a world they can't understand, let alone control, encouraging more human, personal gameplay. No ego-inflating badass personas, no stupid faction politics, no ridiculous rules-lawyering twinkery--just a bunch of immensely outclassed ordinary folk running the fuck away from creatures of Lovecraftian horror. This is Dawn of the Dead, not Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Best of all: Remember those annoying Vampire: The Masquerade LARPers at Oberlin? The ones who would never talk about anything but LARP and would never shut up about their characters and their relative stat scores and which prince they were going to depose next Friday? Well...I GET TO KILL THEM.

I play a hysterical, uber-conservative Midwestern soccer mom (at least, formerly--kids died, husband left). She is a prominent member of the real-life anti-pedophile group Warriors for Innocence, and is loosely inspired by the blogger profile of this real-life WFI member. During her Imbuing, when a (probably vampiric) police officer threatened her with a gun, she smashed his face in with a baseball bat, kept whaling at him until the bat shattered, and, after being shot twice in the arm by the terrified officer, drove the splintered remains into his chest, screaming, "NOT THIS TIME, LIBERAL SCUM!" The action counted as a staking, and he was killed instantly.

My party members call her "Ann Coulter". :]
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