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first post in new apartment

It's real. I'm here. I opened the door with my own keys.

Fuck yeah.

One advantage of the former tenant being a student (a student moving to Africa, no less!) is that she left all sorts of shit here. She must have been in a real hurry to move out, because in addition to a fair amount of nice furniture (which I bought for $1000) she left behind a mostly stocked fridge, a microwave, some toiletries, a DVD player, a stereo, a collection of empty wine bottles, a box of assorted hair care products, a men's fall coat, some heavy blankets, and a half-finished bottle of Miller Lite. I guess I should be peeved because she didn't bother vacuuming the floor (which is covered with extension cords and dustballs and such) and I'll have to spend an afternoon or so throwing out all the perishables in the fridge and the pantry, but I can't really complain. It's like being a guest in my own apartment, with everything set up for me already. I just hope her haste doesn't indicate that she had a hit on her or anything. I'd hate to wake up one morning to the sound of a handgrenade crashing through my window. Oh well. Wrong part of town for that, anyhow.

My stuff arrives later this week. Pictures will come sometime after that, hopefully. Updates this week may be intermittent, though, as I'm leeching off a shaky wireless connection before I talk to the phone company about getting DSL set up. And the job starts this Monday! So excited. So nervous.

Before then--if you're in New York, hit me up.

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