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Goodbye, kchen the level 22 lawful human Monk!

You have beaten college, and ascended to the ranks of Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.
Congratulations! Your education is now complete.

You were piously aligned.
You knew 4 high-level programming languages.
You knew two assembly languages.
You could do ikkyo and nikkyo without thinking.
You knew elementary swing.
You trained to Basic level in volleyball spiking.
You were wielding two Nerf guns at once.
You could crack passwords.
You were cold-resistant.
You had reflection.
You aggravated Asians.
You were smug.
You were a hipster.
You were lonely.

You created over 150 Word documents.
You conducted two psychology experiments.
You wrote at least 65 short stories.
You wrote at least 15 poems.
You wrote at least 20 papers six pages or longer.
You solved about 30 problem sets.
You defeated linear algebra.
You created art for an art installation.
You proved that the halting problem is undecidable.
You built about 12 Maya scenes (four animated).
You wrote parallel rendering scripts for Maya 7.
You implemented an FTP client, a TCP/IP game, a datagram error checking protocol, a Scheme-to-Scheme interpreter, a raytracer, a maze solver, Pong, a card game, and lots of OpenGL doohickeys.
You spent far too much time in the CS lab.
You slept with a girl (no sex or cuddling, just sleep).
You survived CSCI 280 (twice!).
You were cookied 64 times.
You wrote a book review for Vox.
You wrote music reviews for the Grape.
You were rejected by Enchiridion three times.
You did performance art at the Cat in the Cream.
You wrote and managed one stage play.
You wrote two screenplays (one of them 94 pages!).
You volunteered at two conferences.
You ascended in NetHack (twice!).
You started a novel.

You were celibate.
You did no drugs except alcohol.
You genocided no political parties.
You fulfilled one wish.
You fell in love thrice.
You were rejected by five women ten times.
You were rejected by fourteen potential employers.
At least four women had had crushes on you (one mutual).
You failed one class.
You never hit with a wielded weapon.
Good luck did not time out for you.
Bad luck did not time out for you.



It's my birthday tomorrow, and all of yous are gone. :[

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