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wikipedia articles read today

Dove (chocolate), Dove (soap), rock pigeon, Good Humor, Eskimo Pie, hot water crust pastry, mouthfeel, Unilever, Lever House, Klondike (ice cream), Klondike (solitaire), pulse (legume), mayonnaise, Best Foods/Hellmann's, aioli, tartar sauce, capers, Auguste Escoffier, relish, wasabi, horseradish, chutney, Gentleman's Relish, GB Glace, Nogger Black, salmiakki, IKEA, Fabio Lanzoni, Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, pieing, steak and kidney pie, toffee, potassium bitartrate, lox, steak tartare, Salmon of Wisdom, Baldr, Lit, giantess, Jane Bunford, sea louse, seabather's eruption, almond roca, fry sauce, mesquite, raw bar, Kewpie doll, medieval revenant, nitrogen fixation, Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, last meal

My name is Kevin Chen, and I am an information addict.

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