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wiiiise fwom the gwave!

Things are getting a little better--never thought I'd be so happy to eat at Stevenson again. Good friends, interesting classes, drinks at the Feve with Akshat and our lab sysadmin Ned--it's like some giant dungeon hand has yanked me out of Real Life and dropped me back at the last save point. ("Wait--nope--not ready for that yet! Back you go.") I'm still wondering whether I'm actually back at school or whether hunger and testosterone and survival instinct have driven me to hallucinate about better days.

This is possibly my last semester of school ever. That's a scary thought. At the start of every school year first grade, I've begun with the mental image of a little pixellated marquee scrolling up from the background buffer--"LEVEL 5. START!" or whatever was appropriate. Now it's all "FINAL STAGE. GOOD LUCK!" against a background of animated pixel fires, and I can almost hear the epic ominous choral techno music signalling the arrival of the end boss. I know my combos and my thumb's hair-trigger over the buttons, but I'm scared.

Props to Todd Z. for inadvertently cheering me up with CAUSE OF DEATH: KITTEN. And that adorable Shiina Ringo/Shiina Junpei brother-sister duet, which could poke a ray of sunshine into the blackest of hearts.

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