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Aug. 19th, 2006 @ 01:33 am hey kevin. what's up?
Current Mood: slightly irritable
Current Music: Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers
It has occurred to me that, even though I write daily reams of shit in this journal, I'm not doing a very good job of letting people know how I'm doing (which I suspect is the main reason why most of you have friended me). So, a brief recap:

  • I'm still in San Francisco. Things were bad for a while, but they've gotten better. I'm renting a small unfurnished room in someone else's apartment. It costs a lot for not much, but it's in a pretty neighborhood and it's a roof over my head. Couldn't find cheaper housing, but aside from that it's nothing to complain about.
  • I finally found a summer job. It's telecommute, which is why I have time to stay at home surfing the web, cooking, and writing garbage on LJ. I'm an apprentice programmer, and I'm working with a guy in Hong Kong. Together we're doing a Chinese IME (input method editor), a program that allows people to write Chinese words with English keyboards. Our employer is the Hawaii-based Sunrise Center Inc., which maintains an online Chinese dictionary and thesaurus, as well as other Chinese-learning tools, at chinesepda.com. I'm not at liberty to say much more than that because I'm under NDA. It is uncertain at this point whether or not I will be paid.
  • I've been talking to a Chinese Pentacostal church about doing volunteer work on weekends, but that seems to have fallen through. The way things are going, I'd be scheduled to come by for exactly one day before leaving for Oberlin. Ah, the wonders of decentralized decision-making.
  • The writing is coming in fits and starts. Due to dietary problems early on (as in, alternating between malnutrition and feeling bloated), the two page a day regimen didn't really work out. I had really serious writer's block for a good two weeks before starting again, followed by an astonishingly good run in the past two days. It's a little embarrassing that all summer I've only managed to produce two separate halves of short stories (and two-thirds of a longer one), but I'm hoping to make up in quality what I'm losing in quantity--so much of the stories I'm revising has been rewritten that you wouldn't recognize some of them if you compared them to the originals. Not going to help my chances of ever getting published, though. :/
  • Money is dwindling but stable. My parents called today and told me they sent me a fresh infusion of cash--going to have to make sure that went through.
  • I'm catching a red-eye flight to Cleveland on August 30, which means I should arrive in Oberlin on the 31st.

    So, in summary: Not much. You?
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