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Feb. 26th, 2006 @ 07:55 pm now you're playing with power
Current Mood: shocked and amazed
Current Music: the distant sound of sorting numbers
I am pretty much done with the first CS280 assignment--all that's left is the paragraph of analysis and some minor cosmetic changes. This is very suspicious. I've done in four days this week what I couldn't finish in two weeks last year. I don't feel significantly better at C++ than I was last year, or any more knowledgeable about the algorithms, and the assignment is exactly the same. It's like the very fabric of reality has changed to fit my understanding of the material--like the problems themselves have become fundamentally easier. No more Mountain Dew migraines, no more twiddling with gdb for weeks and weeks--I just type something up, and by golly, it works.

I do not know why the machines have suddenly decided to do my bidding, but I am dearly grateful for this unexpected blessing.
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