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test of sanity

Whoo. CRWR 320 (the fiction workshop) looks to be a lot of work. I could juggle two out of three of CS 280, Linear Algebra, and CRWR 320, but all three is going to be a stretch. Dropping one doesn't look like a viable option if I want to graduate on time. Nor is dropping the Talmud class, since I need cultural diversity credit.

It's nice that the fiction workshop meets only once a week, and at night. Keeps it from interfering with other things. It's a little alarming that it runs for three hours, though. When's the last time you've done anything for three hours straight? Even fun things get kind of tedious after that long. Professor Chaon is a pretty cool guy, though--he owns two snakes and spent the '90s playing Baldur's Gate.

Remember when the unfortunate confluence of 280, calc, CRWR 110, and family problems made me a shivering, babbling nervous wreck last year? I'm going to have to manage my time really well if I don't want that to happen again. I must be borderline OCD in self-discipline. Each day, a screen of code, a half-page of prose, and then I rest. A sabbath on Saturday, for brain-recharging (studying for the Talmud class doesn't break sabbath), and Linear on Sunday, and I think I've got a shot at sanity. Maybe.

On a more random note, there are an awful lot of juniors named Anna who are creative writing majors. Three of them are in my class.
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