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reflections on a 5 am moon

The 5 AM moon -- so bright. Like a second sun. A not-yellow sun, a not-warm sun. Pearly white, like a close, tiny star.

We've been there, man. We've been there. That thing in the air, the ghost of the dawn horizon--that weird thing up there, big enough to cast a sky-wide halo. The thing with the valleys and craters so big you can see them down here, so bright they burn your retinas. We walked on that thing. We walked on that thing thirty years ago.

So bizarre. So bizarre that we went there. It's like a Dali painting, a man walking on that freak white suspended thing. That thing doesn't look like it belongs. It's brightest as it's leaving. Leaving for the day shift. For the world of the sane. It's like waking up from a dream.
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