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the gossip meme

Heavily rigged to prevent pedophilic couples and other disturbingness.

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1) Would you ever date dwh? Yeah, though it would probably be over before it started.
2) Does trt12 have a dog? I have no idea.
3) What flavor of jello would user_undefined be? LAINBOW.
4) Is _devillicious_ a high school student? Not anymore.
5) Is punk5ter introverted or extroverted? Extroverted, definitely.
6) What would trt12 think of user_undefined? I have a feeling she would disapprove on principle.
7) Is foboat athletic? No clue.
8) What is foboat's favorite game? ...
9) What is silent_sleep's biggest flaw? She worries too much.
10) Is drabheathen related to silent_sleep? Probably not. It would creep me the hell out if they were.
11) If rchicken took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone!
12) Has oddtodd dyed their hair? Not that I am aware of.
13) What languages does zenragethinker speak? Probably more than one.
14) If impactbomb had a superpower, what would it be? Nothing. His brain would explode trying to choose. ^_^
15) Where did you first meet zenragethinker? Stevenson.
16) How would _devillicious_ conquer the world? With the sweet power of music.
17) What comic book character would desolatewhisper be? She-Hulk! Just kidding--probably Witchblade or Elektra.
18) Is amasashi in a relationship? No, but things, they are a'changin'. *nudge nudge wink wink*
19) Would amasashi and desolatewhisper look good together? Either they'd be absolutely perfect for each other or Leo would end up with a knife in his throat.
20) How long would trout_flavor dating _spaz last? Ooh, that'd be interesting. Maybe a couple of weeks.
21) Is snufflesz 1337? n0
22) What would trt12 do differently in your shoes? Wear white sneakers instead of black?
23) Is zenragethinker single? Possibly.
24) Which president would hatmaster be likely to idolize? NIKITA KHRUSCHEV! Oh, you said "president".
25) Is impactbomb a college student? Now he is! :D
26) Thoughts on punk5ter? Tigrrrrrr.
27) What is twobluefish allergic to? Cats, unfortunately. And peanuts.
28) What is aesvir's favorite band/artist? John Williams? The Beatles?
29) If snufflesz was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Slanderman, Extractor of Secrets.
30) Is rchicken an emo? Excuse me while I roll around laughing for a bit.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) When did you last call desolatewhisper? I get trauma flashbacks just remembering it.
2) How many monkeys could aesvir fight at once and win against? All of them.
3) Is oddtodd single? Unfortunately for him, yeah.
4) Has user_undefined dyed their hair? Maybe?
5) Have you ever dated aesvir? Almost, but no.
6) What planet should oceanruins be from? Atlantis-Kalamari, where goldfish and kittens coexist in harmony.
7) Would oddtodd and twobluefish make a good couple? Goodness no. The very earth would crumble under the drama that pairing would create.
8) Is user_undefined popular? Yep.
9) If uki_fune and punk5ter were spliced together, what would be its name? Bipolar!
10) Would you wrestle _devillicious_ in jello? A couple years ago it would have held some appeal, but now the idea just disturbs me. Plus, I'd have an unfair size advantage.
11) If punk5ter and drabheathen were siamese twins, where would they be joined? In the place where magic comes from. (not the crotch)
12) If aesvir took over the world, who would be happy? No one! Mwahahahaha! (It would be in perfect working order, though.)
13) Does hatmaster have a big secret? He has assassinated me more times than I can count.
14) Which of your friends should _spaz go out with? Actually, now that I think of it, Paul and Cassie would go pretty well together. She seems like she needs a strong, gentle, dependable, funny, sexually open-minded guy, and he would probably enjoy the company of an attractive, vulnerable, aggressive, and highly intelligent (but unpretentious) socialite with a secret quiet side.
15) One quality you find attractive in drabheathen? She possesses startling wisdom, and a deep passion for ordinary things.
16) How would twobluefish kill uki_fune? In a ninja duel. It is unclear which one would win.
17) Which president would uki_fune be likely to idolize? Until there's a pro-choice, progressive liberal president, I'd imagine it would be hard for her to choose.
18) What would you do if _devillicious_ died? Grieve. A lot.
19) Could you see oddtodd and dwh together? It'd be weird, but maybe. They are certainly geeky enough for each other. They'd be a bit mismatched in terms of physical attractiveness, but that's only because Lisa is an absolute bombshell.
20) What comic book character would snufflesz be? Melchior, Keeper of Secrets.
21) Does _devillicious_ travel a lot? Not at all.
22) What is punk5ter's favorite movie? It just occured to me that this is one aspect of Wazi I know nothing about.
23) Does rchicken have a crush on dwh? Does Vomacka ever have an obvious crush on anyone?
24) What rank would oddtodd have in a giant robot army? He already is the commander of a giant robot army!
25) What is zenragethinker's biggest flaw? Don't know her well enough to tell, but I'd guess it's that she lets things get to her. (Her temper doesn't seem as bad as she claims.)
26) Is oceanruins related to drabheathen? CURSED MEME STOP MESSING WITH MY BRAIN
27) trout_flavor's hair color? Brownish.
28) Is silent_sleep a nerd? No.
29) Is _devillicious_ a high school student? I think I answered this question before.
30) If hatmaster was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Eric already is a supervillain, and his nemesis is the Albino Squirrel.

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