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Well, as many of you may already have heard, Microsoft has announced two pricing options for the Xbox 360: $399 for the colossal gaming powerhouse they were showing off at E3, and a heavily neutered $299 version. Game magazine Next Generation asked several game developers for their reactions, which are neither surprising or interesting (some say it's a good idea, others hate it). What is interesting is that Next Gen chose to interview Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms.

Yes, 3D Realms, the venerable developer of Duke Nukem 3D, which promised us Duke Nukem Forever almost a decade ago and has been virtually unheard from since. 3D Realms, whose CEO personally answered my internship application spring (which was really nice of him, but more than a little odd). 3D Realms, the tiny and incredibly talented company that, for over a decade, has been kept alive by little more than licensing, consulting work, and faith.

Don't get me wrong, I really love 3D Realms. Quite a few of my old role models are employed there, and they have made some of the finest games I have ever played. But are they really the people to ask for opinions on the new Xbox 360? Aside from several mediocre ports of Duke Nukem 3D to the Playstation, N64, and Game Boy Advance (none of which were made by them, if I remember right), I'm not sure 3D Realms has ever done a console game.

I mean, they might as well interview Interplay--which at this point is little more than one guy with a webserver and a bunch of lawsuits.

Due to my renewed interest in games, I'm thinking of making a "gaming" friendsgroup so that those of you who aren't into computer or video games won't have your friendslists clogged up by posts like these. If you would like to be in this group, or if you think that the group would be a bad idea, leave a comment.
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