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bloat bloat bloat

The bare essentials for a new computer--Windows XP Home, Service Packs 1 and 2, all the Windows Update hotfixes, MS Office, DirectX 9.0c, Norton Antivirus, Firefox, Thunderbird, AIM, and all appropriate hardware drivers--take up over eight gigabytes of hard drive space. None of the above are full installs, as I purposely culled the more space-intensive features that I will never use.

That's not all that much considering that I have a shiny new 120 gig hard drive, but geez, I remember wondering not too long ago how I'd ever fill up 6 gigs. And I'm possibly the only person I know who carefully trims his MP3 collection to stay under 3 gigs. (The limit used to be 1 gig, but I had to give up on that goal long ago.)

Also, my photo album no longer fits on a single CD, or comes even close. Ditto for my archive of all the things I've made since fifth grade, even if I put everything from before two years ago into zip files (maximum compression as always) and delete the executables for all the programs I've written.

DOS 7.0 still fits on a floppy.
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