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miles of cunt and leagues of balls

When browsing through any Taiwanese video store, no matter how innocent or how public, it's hard not to be reminded of Allen Ginsberg ("with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls"). When the market for cheap videos is fueled by pure supply and demand, unfettered by international copyright law or basic human decency, you get two shelves of anime, one shelf of kids' cartoons, three shelves of movies and mountains of Japanese porn. Mountains and mountains and mountains of it. Mountains upon mountains, mountains made of mountains. There's so much of it that they don't even bother categorizing it. It sits in boxes piled to the ceiling, spread over tables, arranged as many as can fit on shelves, in thin plastic sleeves (so as to maximize the quantity of product in a given amount of space). Literally two thirds of each of the four or five privately owned video stores in my neighborhood is Japanese porn. I am beginning to think that there are more Japanese pornos than there are Japanese people.

I am disturbed by the fact that the distributors of CSI, wrestling best-of collections, and the Alien collector's edition put big "ADULT CONTENT--UNDER 18 NOT PERMITTED" stickers on their discs, when just across the shelf the hentai section spills over into the kids' cartoon section, unmarked. No, Shiao Li, stay away from the scary American movies! Those are for big kids! Have a nice cartoon instead, like Virgin Breast Let's Rape Party.
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