Kevin (erf_) wrote,

last day of work

Last day of work was the busiest. Hmph.

Spent all morning coding (two days is too short to write anything bigger than Hello World), only to have my efforts utterly foiled by a component that was in the .NET API but not in the implementation. Just before nuking my computer clean, I sent my sourcecode to the programmer in charge of me. Or would have, if I hadn't been an idiot and forgotten to attach the source file to the email. It's things like this that make me glad I'm not getting paid.

Spent all afternoon getting signatures from supervisors for all the company facilities I never used, just in case there were books I hadn't returned or keys I hadn't given back or cafeteria fees I hadn't paid. Getting most of the required signatures was no sweat, but for the last two I had to walk five blocks across the institute campus to Building 87 in the middle of a raging thunderstorm. It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not. Walking five blocks in ankle-deep water is actually an incredible experience. I had to resist the urge to strip off my clothes and streak down the street. My socks are ruined, though. Oh well, no fun comes without its price.

At lunch (woo, anachronism!) I had pretty my first and possibly last meaningful conversation with my co-workers Elaine and Vicky. I have translated my American accent so you can get an idea how stupid I sound in Chinese.

Elaine: Enggh. Santa Claus never got me any presents.
Me: You go to incorrect Santa Claus, he live Finland.
Elaine: Really?
Vicky: Yes. The office at the North Pole is just a front. If you write him a letter, he'll mail you presents on Christmas Eve.
Me: But only if good little girl. Bad children, he black rock.
Elaine: "Big black rock"?
Me: Yes.
Elaine: What's his address?

Elaine: I would talk to you in English, but I'm not very good at it.
Me: Oh, it's okay. My Chinese terrible.
Vicky: You should teach her some English before you leave!
Elaine: Ehh...
Vicky: Go on, test her on something.
Me: Sure. What at are you can do?
Elaine: ...I can spell okay...
Me: Okay. Can you spell "Mississippi"?
Elaine: M...I...S...P.
Me: Very good!

Elaine's favorite English phrase is "raining cats and dogs," which makes sense if you consider how absurd it sounds in a language with no equivalent expression.

I taught them to use AIM. They're still getting the hang of it.

To celebrate my departure from ITRI, I ported QuickFubarASDF! to Windows XP, which can you can download here. It was so hard. I had to copy and paste code for three seconds.
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