Kevin (erf_) wrote,

damning with feint praise

Five-star review of MC Hammer's comeback album "Active Duty":

My jaw dropped when I learned that McHammer, the world's greatest Irish rapper, had returned with an album of awe-inspiring pro-American rap just in our hour of need. I knew our friends on the other side of the Atlantic wouldn't let us down, but a show of support as strong as this record by McHammer is more than I could have imagined. I really think that with this new offering McHammer may have dethroned Milli Vanilli, that piece of Italian pop perfection, as my all-time favorite artist!

I'm not a particularly big fan of MC Hammer, but ouch. Steve, if you still read this journal, I can feel you hurting from the other side of the planet.

On that note, I really should go to sleep and stop posting ten bajillion useless entries. I am working on more interesting, less bloggy stuff, I swear! Hopefully you will get to see it soon.
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